Edward invites Jacob and friends to be in his wedding party

I must be spending entirely too much time on Wedinator, because the first thing I thought upon seeing this picture was that it was a picture of groomsmen and groom.  I'm still not sure it's not.  Either that, or the smash Broadway hit Cats in Space!



DocTurtle said...

Boy, Ben Stiller's really let himself go.

Ian H. said...

The other two books in the series have equally awesome covers:



If you like Foster's work, the novels themselves are pretty good - humans are the only creatures in an alien alliance who are any good at fighting, because we're genetically predisposed to compete, rather than co-operate...

Snow said...

They're on their way to a KISS concert.

Hananobira said...

What's Sylar doing hanging out with that bunch?

Anonymous said...

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